Week 9- Student Conversation


This week I got the pleasure of meeting, Euijin Song. I learned that she is Korean just like me. She was born in Korea and moved to America when she was in the 4th grade. When I asked her what city she moved to when she first moved to America, and she said around long beach, which I thought was pretty cool, cause I moved around a lot. Her major is social work, but she is thinking about switching.

Euijin is the oldest out of 3 children, which was cool cause i’m the youngest out of 3 children. She is very close with her younger sister, but not her younger brother. Her little brother is a freshman in high school and her younger sister is a sophomore in high school. She attended Kennedy high school. She came to long beach because it was close to home. In high school she was involved in NHS which is the National Honors Society. She was in many honors classes, but she was not in any AP classes.

I found out that she just recently got a disneyland pass, which was cool and we bonded over because I just recently got a disneyland pass. Euijin doesn’t really like animals and she does not own any pets, but when I asked her if she had to choose a pet, she said that she would want a dog. Im glad I got the chance to meet Euijin.


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