Week 9- Artist Conversation


This week’s artist I got the pleasure of getting to know was Lesley Nishigawara. She said that her art were different iterations. Iterations means that it is the same thing, but done in different ways. Her piece took a couple months to make, and it even took 10 hours to install into the room. This project is for her to move from a MFA student to a candidate. Which means, now she is going to start working on her thesis show, which is the art piece she is going to create to graduate. She is a grad student.

She likes using systems, and she is intrigued of the outcomes. Some of the utensils she used for this piece are vellum, card stock, thread, nails, paint, and strings. Lesley did a lot of art in high school. She was raised by artists, her mom is a graphic designer, and both her sisters are artists. I got to learn that she is a twin, which is totally awesome. She also had a organic clothing line for babies.

The reason why she came back to school is cause she never finished her masters, and she really wanted too. She said the timing was perfect, so that is why she came back. When I asked her if I could take a photo of her, she really insisted that I didn’t, so I am only going to post a picture of her art work. Her piece is very interesting, I definitely feel like she is a very patient and creative person, and I am glad I got to get to know her.


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