Week 9- Activity

Cognitive Map


Adopt a Building

The building I adopted was the Library because to me, this is a place you can go to do anything. You can eat in the library, study, hang out with friends, or actually study. It is not just a place to go to read books. It is way more then that.


The library is open to any CSULB student. I did get the chance to ask some people what they think of the library, the majority of them said basically what I think, they said that it is a place where you can go to study, hang out with friends, anything you really want to do. Most of the students I asked don’t even check out books, they come for Starbucks and someplace to kill time. Some people don’t even study in the library. I have been to the library a million times, but I have never actually rented a book or read a book from the library.

Something cool about the library is that there is now a Starbucks inside of it. There used to not always be a Starbucks. I wonder how different the library was back then. The library was established to provide students a direct educational mission of the university though selecting, organizing, preserving, and disseminating record.

The library is not only for the students, they are for the staff as well. There are offices located on every floor for different departments. Also on the 5th floor, there is a BLC Program where BLC students can get tutored. The library can also help with students that don’t know where to go during there long gaps in there schedule, they can just go to the library and hang out, take naps, etc.

Redesign of the CSULB Campus

This is my redesign of the Library.


I am the worst drawer in the world. But this is what I call the relaxing room. I believe that a relaxing room should be built on every floor of the library. It is not only for my enjoyment, but for other students as well. The relaxing room will have a few beds so if a student gets too tired from studying, they can go into the relaxing room and take a nap. The relaxing room will also have lockers for the students items and belongings so they can sleep peacefully without worrying that someone will steal there things. The relaxing room will also have very comfortable couches that students can just chill in. With very comfortable pillows. The relaxing room will also have many microwaves so when a student is studying in the library, but they want to heat up there food that they brought, they can just walk inside the relaxing room and heat up their food. I hate having to walk all the way to the Beach Hut just to microwave my food, it is such a waste of time and it is so annoying.

The relaxing room in my opinion would be a great addition to the library. I believe that other students would love this room, and would probably use it all the time. It would be a great and useful investment to the school. Many students would appreciate it, and would probably use the library and love the library even more


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