Week 15- Conversation


This week I got to get to know Aleks Kivuls. He is a 2nd year and is majoring in computer science. Every summer Aleks interns  for Northrop Grumman. This summer will be his 4th year interning. Northrop Grumman is a cyber security place. What he does is research and develop. He told me that one summer he researched wild fire.

Aleks has been playing volleyball ever since he was a kid. He played for an actual team for the first time when he was 13. Alex attended Peninsula High School in Palos Verde. He was involved in the engineering club, and he did a lot of engineer computer science in high school.

Aleks has a twin sister and an older brother. He likes to play lowkey video games, that are not really mainstream. One game he likes to play is called Dungeon Crawler. He loves to eat pizza, pepperoni is his favorite. He loves to listen to pandora, his top stations are the strokes, and Linkin Park. It was great getting to know Aleks.


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