Week 15- Artist Conversation


Our last and final week I got to interview Janelly Barragan as my final artist interview. In the beginning, Janelly was a business major. She then decided that she wanted to switch majors to art. The reason she was a business major was because her parents always pushed her to do something that involved a lot of money. Although when Janelly switched majors, her parents were angry at first, but now her parents are 100% supportive.

This big picture in the middle are of herself and her parents. She said that this portrait is suppose to represent her putting her parents though a lot while she was growing up. Janelly has a brother that also is in the art program here at long beach, and 2 younger sisters. She said her siblings are all interested in art.

Janelly sees herself maybe owning her own brand of clothes, or doing a logo for a clothing line. All of her portraits she draws, she copies them from a picture she is looking at. She said that it is bad having a reference because you get too attached to using a reference. Janelly was awesome to get to know, and I’m glad she was the last artist I got the chance to interview this week.


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