Week 14- Conversation


This week I got an opportunity to meet and get to know Danielle Elemento. Danielle is a first year, and she is a psychology major. She said that she wants to be a occupational therapist because she wants to help people with mental and/or physical disabilities be able to do the same activities people without disabilities do. She was born in San Jose. Danielle lived in Stockton up in Norcal for about 10 years, she then moved to Mission Viejo and lived there for four years. She moved to Long Beach only for school.

Danielle is very outgoing, she loves to play volleyball, go to the beach, and hang out with friends. She also likes to watch basketball. She said that the LA Clippers is her favorite basketball team. Of course, she loves netflix, right now she is watching a series called Private Practice. Danielle doesn’t have a pet, but if she did, she would want a french bulldog.

She is in a international sorority, Chi Delta Theta. She has been an active member since this semester. She says that it is really fun and she likes it a lot. Danielle likes to listen to all different types of music, just not screamo. Danielle attended Mission Viejo High School. She was not really involved. She said it was hard making friends because she transferred her sophomore year. Although she did joined the California Scholarship Federation Club.

Danielle loves to draw. She has liked drawing ever since she was a kid. She loves to do portraits the best. It was lovely getting to know Danielle.


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