Week 14- Artist Conversation


The artist I met this week was Elaine Kwak. I got to know a lot about her the short amount of time I got to talk to her. She said that she became really close with the art community, and that her classmates are her best buddies. They all give each other harsh criticisms, but she is her own worst critic. She said there are 15 artists including herself.

The piece she painted is a landscape. Some of the piece is from her backyard, and the other she said is an untamed garden. Elaine believes that she should never close herself off to other forms of painting. She loves to draw, sketch, she also likes to do anime. She said she is very influenced by the Spanish style of painting. She is also influenced by the artists Gaugia, Cezanne, and Van Goh.

She loved art every since she was a kid. She would always draw, but she said that she thinks she has only been drawing well for 2 years now. She said that you have to paint like you are a kid because she had to discipline each and every one of them differently. She doesn’t like to paint every day. She likes to do something creative everyday. Elaine actually sells her paintings. The price she sells them for ranges from 100-500, to 1000+.

She said that your classmates are your future connections. Elaine’s art piece is very, very good. It is no surprise that she sells them for how much she does. They look like they are worth that price.


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