week 13- Conversation


This week I got the pleasure of meeting Maddie Iwanaga. She is a 1st year here at Cal State Long Beach. She is a psychology major and she wants to get into the field of criminal justice. When she was a kid, she used to watch a lot of crime shows. She still till this day watches crime shows, that is why she wants to get into this field. Although she is thinking about switching majors to Art. She said that she loved art and loved to draw ever since she was a kid. Maddie dorms, but she only lives 40 minutes away in San Dimes.

Maddie attended Bishop Amat High School. She was very involved in high school. She was vice president in ASB and she was the leader of the year book. She got accepted into many different schools such as Santa Barbra, which is where she wants to transfer next year, but she chose CSULB because financial issues. Maddie is the middle child out of 3 children. She has a younger brother and an older sister.

Maddie has her own photography business, which is really awesome at such a young age. She started off with taking photos for yearbook, to building her own business. She takes photos for baby showers, birthdays, graduation photos. She does portraits as well. Maddie likes to listen to punk rock and classic rock. She has a cat, but she said that she hates cats besides her own. It was lovely getting to know Maddie.


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