week 13- Artist Conversation


This weeks artist I talked to was Shihori Nakayama. Shihori loves to draw, but she also loves photography and print making. She loves all different types of art. She said that photography is one of her hobbies. Where drawing is more work. Her major is Illustration, so she does a lot of drawing for school. Which is not a bad thing for her because she loved to draw ever since she was a young girl.

Shihori was born in Japan and moved to America when she was 12. She said that she likes living in America better then living in Japan. She said that it took her 4 months to finish this piece. Her artwork and her drawings are so detailed and so amazing. All her drawings in this piece are of her memories she’s experienced in her life. She said that she wanted to show her personal life and her personal things. It was a tough choice for her to choose which kind of art because she likes print making, but she also likes drawing.

Her favorite memory is the one she drew from her under grad life. She said that this was the easiest for her to draw because she had such a vivid memory, and it just flowed out of her. Her other drawings were a little more difficult because she would try and think and she would have to step away, and come back to the drawing.

Shihori is an amazing artist. Her drawings are so detailed and so vivid that I feel like I could be in her memory with her. I would love to see other forms of art by her.


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