Week 12- Conversation


This week I got an opportunity to meet Tatiana Costa. I think that she has a beautiful name, Tatiana is a Kinesiology major. She is a second year here at CSULB. She wants to become a physical therapist for kids. She lives in Artesia and attended Gar High School. She commutes to school. In high school, she was apart of the Red Cross club. They would do many fundraiser such as canned food drive, and selling snacks/goodies. She also volunteered to help for the blood donations. Her job was to make sure no one passed out.

She has a younger brother that attends Gar High School and he is 15. She loves to craft and loves Pinterest. Her favorite pins are disney, humor, physical therapy, quotes, and crafts. She loves the color hot pink. Tatiana is half Portuguese and half Brazilian. She has many family members that live there.

She loves to play soccer, she never played for a team though, she just loved to play for fun. Her favorite sport team is the LA Galaxy. Her favorite art assignment was the yard bombing, and her least favorite was the one where you had to pretend how you died. She was born Sept 16, which makes her a virgo. Her favorite movie is tangled and her favorite book is The Importance of Being Earnest. It was awesome getting to know Tatiana.


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