Week 12- Artist Conversation


This weeks artist I interviewed was Ashley Sharpe. I found out that she follows over 100 cats on Instagram. Ashley loves cats, although she does not own any cats. All the cats she painted were her roommates cats. She said that it gives her a sense of happiness. What she does is first takes a picture of that cats, then draws from the photograph. She loves print making, but she said that it does take a long time. Her major is print making that is why she loves it so much.

She has liked art and drawing ever since she was in kindergarten. She said that she would get in trouble for doodling on all her tests. In high school is when she went outside of her comfort zone and took a digital photography class. She said the reason she really did art was cause she was a only child, and she got lonely a lot. Art and drawing helped her be less lonely.

The reason for this piece is that she wanted to do a tribute to all the cats that she knew that have passed away. She knows that cats see differently then other animals, and definitely humans. Ashley is graduating this May. She transferred from OCC. She got accepted to Fullerton, but she decided to follow her intuition and come to CSULB. Ashley was really easy to talk to, and her art show piece was awesome!


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