Week 11- Conversation


This week I got the chance to meet Rachel Goodaker. She was such a sweet girl and we had an amazing conversation. She is a first year here at CSULB and her major is Human Development. She was a little interested in Psychology but she did not want to focus on just being a therapist. She said that she didn’t want to go to school for that long either.

She has one younger sister that is 16. She was suppose to be a second year, but she started school late, that is why she is a year behind. She attended Cypress High School. She played soccer till junior year. She didn’t play senior year because she said that she was over it, plus she got a job. She still works there till this day, she works at a frozen yogurt shop called Cherry on Top.

During spring break she went to San Diego to visit her family and friends. She said she had an amazing time. She got the chance to go to San Diego Zoo, and feed the giraffes. She loves spicy food, especially Mexican food. Whenever she snacks, she always eats goldfishes. She said she likes goldfishes better then cheezits. She loves to watch Greys Anatomy, and American Horror Story. It was lovely getting to know Rachel.


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