Week 11- Artist Conversation


This week I intervened both Jerry Penna, and Kyle Kruse. They were two cool down to earth guys. They love to draw and do sculptures. When I asked which they prefer, they both said that they believe that drawing and sculpturing are the same thing because you draw what you sculpture and you sculpture what you draw.

The first time these two guys met, they did not like each other, but they kept seeing each other in classes, and kept having the same classes together which kinda brought them together. They both are working on their bachelor degrees. Kruse came down from San Diego but Penna grew up in Long Beach.

They said that it took 3 months to make all the pieces and it took 15 hours to install into the room. Both Kruse and Penna loved art as a child. They would draw when they were younger but didn’t take an official art class till recently. Kruse’s first art class was 3 years ago, while Penna’s was in high school. Kruse is working on his BFA in print making, and Penna is working on his BFA in drawing and painting.

They want this piece to show that how they grew up as a child. They want you to walk into this room/frame and thing that you are going into a new environment. They said that it is the kind of environment that they both grew up in. They are both very proud of their work.


6 thoughts on “Week 11- Artist Conversation

      1. Glenn can you please look over my week 9 and my week 11 posts. I do not understand why I received a 1/30 on all of my posts. I have tried emailing you, but I have not gotten a response. Please look over them, and I will come talk to you after class Tuesday.

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      2. Hi Amy! The 1’s were only because I couldn’t read your posts. Thanks for fixing! Week 9 & 11 points are now updated. Sorry for any confusion and thank you for the nice work.

        I’ve checked my email and I never did receive any emails from you. Perhaps you had the wrong email address? Maybe you spelled Glenn with 1 n? Or added a K or H to Zucman? Anyway, the correct email is:

        How’s your semester been going Amy? It’s always so great to see your classmate pix, you seem to make such a nice connection with everyone! 😀


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