Week 10- Activity

photo-11 photo-12

So this weeks activity was our own choice. I wanted to share my road trip to Arizona with everybody. So during my spring break, I got the chance to go to Lake Havasu, Arizona. I had a wonderful time. It was spring break, so there were a ton of people there. I met so much new people, and even kids that went to Long Beach that I did not know.

It is so different in Arizona. The weather was so hot, and the roads were weird. In California, if you drove maybe 2 miles, there is a fast food place, or a convenience store just around the corner. When I was driving around just to look for a CVS, i completely got lost and there was no CVS for miles and miles.

Arizona is so different, but so much like California. Arizona looked like there weren’t many malls, many car dealerships. I saw more boat rental places then I did gas stations. Maybe it was just because of the area I was in, maybe because I was in the area where a lot of tourists come, but it just looked like civilization was not as big as California. Arizona is definitely beautiful though. Very chill and relax.

Definitely different views, more mountains, which we don’t have much of in California unless you drive really far. Much more lakes, and water in Arizona. All in all, Arizona was a great trip, and I will definitely be going back some day soon.


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