Week 8- Conversation


This week I met Alayna Grapel. I got to know her very well and she is an awesome girl. Our conversation just flowed so naturally felt like I already knew her. Alayna is from up north from a town called Grass Valley. She said it is a very small town. She attended Nevada Union High School, which I think sounds like a prison.

Alayna entered Cal State Long Beach as a dance major because she danced her whole life. She was the president of the dance program back at Nevada Union. After 3 semesters she said, she switched to Liberal Studies. When I asked her why she switched, she said that she realized that dancing is not what she wants to do for her entire life. With Liberal Studies, she wants to become a elementary school teacher or a special needs teacher.

Alayna has one older brother. She lives off campus with her friends, and she has a boyfriend. She said that she wants up to four kids, but she would be happy with three. One thing we had in common was she loves sushi, and asian food. I love sushi, it is my favorite. She watched all the same netflix shows as me as well which was something we talked more about.


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