Week 8- Artist Conversation


This weeks artist I got to meet was Nolan Reiter. Nolan is a print making major. He never switched majors, he entered CSULB as a print making major. The show he presented this week was screen print and print making. He said it takes up to 8 – 10 hours to make them. The cool thing about it tho, in those 8 – 10 hours, he can make around 13 prints.

He said that each of his prints has a story behind it. He loves to use bright colors because it reminds him of advertisements that draws your attention. He has been doing this for about five years. He started in high school, and in high school he took a print making class. He then fell in love, which brings him here today.

He said that he first starts on a computer, he has to print them, then screen them by hand. He said the most difficult part is to make sure the lines are lined up properly. One of the artists he looks up to is a Cuban artist named Edwardo Bachx. He loves his work, and all the colors Bachx uses.

Nolan also likes to travel to mexico with his church and volunteer for the needy. They go to and help build houses, they help with community work, and then he takes what he got from mexico and puts it into his artwork.


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