Week 7- Conversation


This week I met Candice Chung, which is pretty cool cause I realized that she was in my ballet class last semester. We talked mostly about her major and her schooling. She is a 1st year here at CSULB. She got accepted as a nursing major but after the 1st semester, she changed to human development. When I asked her why she changed to human development, she said that because nursing is such a competitive major, she didn’t think she was good enough. She hopes to go to grad school, and at grad school, her goal is to major in occupational therapy.

Candice has been doing ballet since she was 5 years old. In high school she was on the dance team, the dance teams name was Choreo. She was on her high school dance team and also doing ballet outside of school. She never did any other kind of dance outside of school besides ballet. She told me that contemporary modern is her favorite kind of dancing because it is very flowy.


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