Week 7- Artist Conversation


This week’s artist’s name is Juliette Angulo. This piece was very inspiring and amazing because it was all for her younger sister. Juliette’s younger sister enlisted into the army and these are pictures of her younger sister from the start of her basic training to her deployment day. The interesting part is that her sister is cut out, so it’s just pictures of a person cut out. When I asked her what it represented, she said that it is suppose to represent her physical absence.

Juliette is the middle child out of 3 children. She said that she was always closer to her older brother rather then her younger sister. She would get into fights with her younger sister all the time. She said that she was a little excited for her sister to leave for the army. But now that she is gone, she misses her. She said the distance made her realize how much she loves and misses her younger sister.

Juliette said that she talks to her younger sister often, they Skype all the time. She said that she loves photography. It is her first go to option, but she said that se has recently experimenting on metals.


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