Week 6- Activity


This week we had to experiment with yarn or fabric. I was able to cut up some old t-shirts and tie them randomly around my neighborhood. My neighbors are probably freaking out on why there are random yellow things tied to like every tree. This was not difficult at all.

I feel like this was just tedious, just walking around tying things to things. For the people that actually did yarn bomb things, that must have been fun and difficult at the same time, but as for me, it was alright, didn’t get an amazing experience out of it.

Personally I liked the graffiti activity better cause it was able to show your creativity side. Plus tagging and spray painting is just a little more fun then cutting up an old shirt and tying them around trees. I guess people will say the tagging and spray painting is more a manly thing and knitting and crocheting is more womanly. But I believe that everything can be neutral, doesn’t have to be more feminine or masculine at all.


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