Week 6- Conversation


This week I met Amanda Bjornstad. Amanda was so spunky it matched my personality which I loved. She is a Biochem major and she is a freshman here at CSULB. She commutes from Villa Park. She did gymnastics for 13 years which is a super long time. She said she loves gymnastics. Now every Tuesday she coaches gymnastics to the younger ones in her community.

Amanda is a very picky eater. She hates sushi, and raw fish. Her boyfriend is trying to convince her to like sushi by taking her to sushi restaurants. She is willing to try because she wants to open her variety to new foods. She said that she feels like she is in a little bubble of the food she eats cause its so little. But Amanda does love souplantation. She loves how its so cheap and you can eat as much as you want.

It was so cool learning about her family. Her parents are still together after 19 years and are still happily in love. She has one younger sister. She wishes that she had one more sibling, older younger she has no preference. Her dad is a video programmer for colleges and her mom owns a flower shop. Amanda said she is technically Jewish, but doesn’t really believe in religion herself.


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