Week 6- Artist Conversation


So this week’s artist I met was Emily Babbette. She was really cool. Seemed very down to earth. Emily focuses most on drawing, she actually prefers it. She’s only been drawing for 2 years. She’s always liked to doodle and draw but never actually took it seriously. When she studied abroad in England, she said that she would go to a lot of art museums and after visiting and seeing all these art she said that she had an epiphany and decided that she needed to transfer to CSULB when she was attending Cal State San Marcos and devote herself to art.

Emily loves to use black and white. It is her favorite right now. When I asked if she used any colors, she said that the only colors she really used was the red she used in one of her pieces that was shown.

Emily said that she doesn’t want to explore and different kind of art right now cause she still has so much to learn with black and white use. She said she usually draws landscapes, and that this is the first time that she has drawn people. Everyone that she drew was either her friend or family member.


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