Week 5- Conversation


This week I got the pleasure of meeting Natsuki Fukayama. She was pretty awesome. Natsuki was born in Japan but moved the America when she was around 6 months old. She lived in American for 10 years and then moved back to Japan. She moved back to America just to go to college. She said she choose Cal State Long Beach cause she wanted to come to California. Natsuki is a film major and a sophomore.

During the winter break, Natsuki had an amazing time. First she went to New York in the beginning of her break, and spent Christmas in New York. She said it was really cool cause she got to see all the tourist stuff like the Empire State Building, and she got to see all the Christmas lights which she thought was so pretty. After New York, Natsuki went to japan and visited her family and friends. She did all the things that she missed.

When I asked where she likes living better, she said that she likes California cause the weather is really good. but she said that it is hard for her to do many things here because she doesn’t have a car. Living in the dorms at csulb, she said she feels trapped. In japan, many people take the shuttles, and walks.


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