Week 5- Artist Conversation


This weeks artist I got to meet was Cruz Valdez. His art was very interesting. It was a moving picture that he was modeling in. Cruz was always interested in fashion. He said every since he was a little kid, he loved fashion. He grew up surrounded by fashion which is why he loves it so much. He said he likes doing videos because it is something you can watch for as long as you can, or as short as you want.

The designer’s clothes Cruz is modeling in his piece is Nicolas Ghesquiere. The three designers he told me he loved is of course Nicolas Ghesquiere, Helmet Lane, and Martin Margiela. Cruz believes that video art is more excessiable. In his video piece it is him just wearing Nicolas Ghesquiere’s clothes and just walking up and down the runway.

Cruz doesn’t only do video art, he also loves photography. He mainly focuses on fashion photography. He likes to use photography to show fashions point of view.


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