week 4- conversation Andrew Lee


So this week I met Andrew Lee. He is a pretty cool guy, and something awesome about him is that he is Korean, just like me. He was shocked to find out that I was Korean because he didn’t expect me to be. Another thing that’s really cool about Andrew is that he was born in Queens New York. He moved back and forth from New York to California. He attended Cypress high school. He plays in a soccer league and is really good at playing soccer. He also likes to play basketball

Andrew is an only child. He said that he wished he had a sibling. Preferably a sister. He doesn’t care if she is older or younger, he just wants a sister. Andrew loves to watch the office. We bonded over how much we both love watching the office. When I asked Andrew if he liked living here or in New York, he said that it was more comfortable living here in California

Andrew loves Korean food. He currently lives in K-town in LA. He said that he loves to eat at the lowkey Korean food joints. When I asked him if he moved back to New York if he’d miss in n out, he said that there are substitutions like a place called Shake Shack.

It was nice meeting Andrew and I’m glad I made a new friend


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