week 4- Artist Conversation


This week’s artist I had the pleasure of meeting is Daniel Rivera. His art work was very interesting and it caught my attention. He said the reason for this art was cause he got bored  and wanted to do something big. What he wants people to think when they look at this art is that he wants people to break out of the traditional way of thinking.

The rips is the artwork and this piece is suppose to represent that you know who you are when you go through hard times. This piece took Daniel a long time to finish. He started is during winter break.

The way he began with this piece is that he first painted each block with the color that he wanted. He then layered it with newspaper articles or pages out of magazines. He then let them all dry. After drying, he would plaster them, and then he would make the rips. He told us that more than one person were making this piece. It was all his idea, but he had help from friends. He said that he would just tell them what to do. If he didn’t have the help of his friends, this piece would have token forever to finish.


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