Week 3- Conversation w/ Taneshia Warren


So this week I got the pleasure of meeting Taneshia. Off the bat we clicked and got along. We bonded over the fact that we both have two siblings. She has an older and a younger brother and I have two older sisters. She was jealous of the fact that she’s always wanted a sister, and I was completely jealous cause I’ve always wanted an older and younger brother.

Getting to know Taneshia was pretty cool cause I learned that she was born in New York, which I think is pretty cool! She moved to America when she was around 5, which was another thing we bonded over cause I moved here from Korea when I was 5. Her family lives in Valencia, but she dorms on campus. She is a business major and she hates school. Another thing we have in common cause I hate school too. 🙂

Taneshia attended Valencia High School, where she did not play any sports or was not involved in school at all. She works at the Disney store at the Valencia mall. I was telling her how I would love the Disney store no matter how old I get, and she most definitely agreed with me.

Overall it was great meeting Taneshia and I’m looking forward to meeting someone new.


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