Week 3- Artist Conversation


Something you should know about the artist I chose to interview this week is that he only started painting in community college. His name is Josh Benz which I think is an awesome name. Only starting to do art in community college, he has done some amazing work. Josh never thought that he would be an artist and do art. When he was younger he took an animation class cause he wanted his drawing skills to get better.

He was telling us how his drawings take about 8 hours while his paintings take 2/3 weeks, which is a huge difference. He began experimenting with acrylic and he practiced and practiced to get to his talent today. His artwork would more be in the category of abstract figure and figurative drawings. He uses a lot more color. He begins with color and expression

I love how he did his painting of him and his girlfriend. He was telling us how he and his girlfriend party. I would love for my boyfriend to do a portrait of us. From a girls perspective it is so romantic, especially with valentines day coming up

I really liked Josh Benz’s work and hope I see some more in the future.


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