week 2- Conversation

photo 1

The first person I walked up to in class was Lacey Alaniz. She is actually a really cool person, and I’m glad because I believe we can actually become friends after this class is over. Lacey and I actually had a lot in common. We had same hobbies such as, watching Netflix. We bonded over the same shows we both like to watch. We both think the art gallery we went into was the cool. Where we started talking about the cool different colors and designs there were in the gallery. It was pretty cool finding out that she owns a house up in Colorado river, and that is what she did during the break.

In high school, Lacey was the captain of her field hockey team. Coming into high school, she played soccer, but was intrigued by the sport field hockey. She never heard of that game before and decided to try out. She ended up becoming the captain and loving the sport.

Lacey is a freshman and started her college career as a communications major. She then changed to history because she thought communications was too broad and wanted a more direct path. She then told me how she doesn’t like history and wants to change her major to marketing. Although lacey lives only 30 min away in Huntington beach, she does dorm at school because her parents wanted her to get the full college experience which I’m pretty jealous of.

over all I loved meeting Lacey, and look forward to hanging out and talking to her this semester


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