week 2- Artist Conversation

photo 2

The artist I chose to do my conversation this week is named, Maccabee Shelley. In my opinion, his art work is so interesting. I love how he collaborates glass and fire which turns his art into a masterpiece. He did say that this takes a lot of time and effort making these sculptures. He doesn’t just make one by one. He makes many at a time. His art is not hollow at all. You can tap on it, and it will be completely solid glass.

Shelley is actually afraid that one of these days his art work is going to explode. He said because of the “intense heat experience” so he has to wait at least a few years before actually presenting his art in an actual gallery because of the safety issues. His favorite bottles he likes to work with are sapphire gin bottles, wine bottles, bright green bottles. Pink is actually his favorite color. He believes that pink in a very neutral color.

Since Shelley’s art work is very dangerous to work with and carry because of all the sharp glass objects that poke out, he actually went to the gym to learn the proper way to lift his heavy art. He said that he likes to carry and move his own art because he is worried about others safety when they try to move his sculptures.

I really enjoyed learning about and looking at Maccabee Shelley’s art. It was very different and modern.


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